Modbus for vacuum pump systems

What is the data communication protocol for screw vacuum pump systems?

This article is to introduce Modbus and PROFIBUS protocol used for automation industry, in particular vacuum pump systems.

EVS screw vacuum pump systems have the function of remote control. To realize this function, EVS uses Modbus protocol as default.

Modbus is a data communication protocol originally developed by Modicon (Now is Schneider Electric) in the mid-1970s for use with its programmable logic controllers (PLCs). It is a method used to transmit information over serial communication lines, Ethernet, or the Internet protocol suite between electronic devices It is an open protocol and royalty-free for industrial use, like Android OS for smart phones. Because of its simplicity and low cost, Modbus is widely used in Chinese automation industries.

Besides Modbus, PROFIBUS is also a popular protocol for automation industry.

PROFIBUS stands for Process Field Bus. It is a protocol for communication and process automation, which was designed in the 1990s and first used by Siemens. PROFIBUS exchange data through single data cable between main controller and remote I/O modules. PROFIBUS DP (Decentralised Peripherals) is used to operate sensors and actuators via a centralised controller in production (factory) automation applications. PROFIBUS cannot operate on Ethernet. It’s not an open source and this cost has to be considered if it’s designed in the machine system.

There’s a solution to combine both protocols if the customer insists PROFIBUS for remote control OF EVS pumps: Modbus is used to transfer data among all EVS vacuum pumps systems. Meanwhile, PROFIBUS is used in the remote central control station. In-between there’s a control box with converters from Modbus to PROFIBUS. 

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