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VB vacuum pump

AC Single/Dual Stage HVAC Vacuum Pumps

  • Superior industrial design
  • More reliable internal construction
  • Higher ultimate vacuum
  • Higher pumping speed
  • Less weight for easier transport
  • For CFC, HFC, HCFC and HFO refrigerants
VI vacuum pump

Li-ion Battery Driven HVAC Vacuum Pumps

  • Superior industrial design
  • High performance 18 V/5 Ah Lithinum battery for 60-70 minutes each time
  • Cordless and light weight, ideal to use in a no power supply environment
  • For R32 and 1234yf refrigerants
DC vacuum pump

DC Motor HVAC Vacuum Pumps

  • Superior industrial design
  • High performance DC motor
  • Light weight
  • For R32 and 1234yf refrigerants

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Testing for Recovery Machines

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Assembly of Manifold Gauges

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Most Popular Questions

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We are a leading HVAC refrigeration vacuum pump manufacturer, established in China since 2007 and ranked among the top 3 globally. Our expertise spans innovative product development and reliable OEM solutions, backed by a strong focus on research and development.

Our MOQ policy is designed to support both new and established partners. For certain models, we accept small order quantities starting from just 10 pieces, facilitating our new partners to test the market with low risk and investment.

For regular orders, however, we require a minimum order value of USD 4,000 to cover fixed logistics and handling costs efficiently.

We provide a 12-month limited warranty for our distributors. This warranty becomes effective from the loading date as indicated on the Bills of Lading for sea shipments. For other delivery methods, the warranty period starts from the shipment date from our factory.

Absolutely, we offer OEM services to cater to your branding needs. However, for customizations like non-standard colors, personalized nameplates, tailored operating manuals, and specialized packaging, a higher order volume than our standard MOQ may be necessary to offset the additional costs involved.

Certainly, we understand the importance of sample evaluation and are happy to accommodate this request. We kindly ask you to cover the costs for the sample and freight. Additionally, the cost of the sample can be credited towards your future official orders. As a token of our support, we're also pleased to offer one complimentary sample for smaller models.

Our preferred payment method is via wire transfer (T/T). We require a 30% prepayment, with the remaining 70% due before shipment. Currently, we do not accept Western Union or PayPal as per our accounting department's policies. In specific cases, we may consider accepting an L/C (Letter of Credit) at sight, depending on the country of origin and the issuing bank.


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