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Hot Selling Products

Popular models and bestseller

VB Vacuum Pump, HVAC Vacuum Pump Manufacturer from China

VB AC Single/Dual Stage HVAC Vacuum Pump


  • Superior industrial design
  • Higher ultimate vacuum
  • Higher pumping speed
  • Less weight for easier transport
  • For CFC, HFC, HCFC and HFO refrigerants
Cordless Vacuum Pump, HVAC vacuum pump manufacturer from China

VI Li-ion Battery Driven HVAC Vacuum Pump


  • Superior industrial design
  • High performance 18 V/5 Ah Lithinum battery for 60-70 minutes each time
  • Cordless and light weight, convenient to use in a no power supply environment
  • For R32 and 1234yf refrigerants
oil sealed dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump RVP hvac-vacuum-pump-manufacturer-from-china

RVP Industrial Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump


  • All key components from well-known international brands
  • High reliability
  • High vapor tolerance
  • 24/7 continuous operation
  • 48 hours testing before shipment

Solutions for HVAC & Industrial Applications

Perfect balance between quality and cost

app 01 HVAC

| Category

  • HVAC vacuum pumps
app-02 auto

| Category

  • HVAC vacuum pumps
  • HVAC tools
app-03 packaging

| Category

  • HVAC vacuum pumps
  • Industrial vacuum pumps
app-04 degassing

| Category

  • HVAC vacuum pumps
  • Industrial vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum chambers
app-05 lab

| Category

  • HVAC vacuum pumps
  • Industrial vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum chambers
app-06 coating

| Category

  • HVAC vacuum pumps
  • Industrial vacuum pumps
app-07 isolation

| Category

  • Industrial vacuum pumps
app-08 freeze drying

| Category

  • Industrial vacuum pumps
app-09 woodworking

| Category

  • Industrial vacuum pumps
app-10 brick making

| Category

  • Industrial vacuum pumps

Our Production Plants

All key components under well control

>>Factory at a glance

  • Established in 2007
  • Top 3 HVAC rotary vane vacuum pump manufacturer worldwide
  • 100+ experienced employees
  • Export of 190 000+ pieces every year
  • Product range covers AC vacuum pumps, recovery machines and related refrigeration tools for HVAC applications.
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CNC Machining Centers

Motor-Production, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer

Electric Motors Production

motor-testing, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer

Electric Motors Testing

Vacuum Pump Production, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer

HVAC Pumps Production

pump-testing, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

HVAC Vacuum Pumps Testing

recovery machine testing, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

Recovery Machines Testing

Business Partners & Fairs

Meet us, join us


More than 200 distributors from 50+ countries trust us and the count keeps increasing.


We attend all major fairs and exhibitions for HVAC industry in the world, such as AHR, Chillventa, CRH, Febrava, etc.

fair AHR

AHR Expo (America)

fair Chillventa

Chillventa (Germany)

fair Febrava

Febrava (Brazil)

fair RHVAC

RHVAC (Thailand)

Why Choose Us

Invest your money wisely!

secured quality (quality hvacr vacuum pumps)

High quality is proved by the market more than one decade.

cost effective quality hvacr vacuum pumps vacuum pumps

Low margin policy is a great help for the partners to increase market share.


Low MOQ allows new partners to start the business with low risk.


OEM service (private labelling) is proudly provided.


Experienced profession solves problems promptly if any. 

Testimonials from Amazon<<

A few compliments from our distributors may be not persuasive, but reviews from thousands and thousands of happy clients shall be respected. 

Some ratings of our air conditioning vacuum pump models under OEM brands on Amazon:

amazon rating 01
amazon rating 02
amazon rating 03

Patents & Certificates

All necessary documents available

vacuum pump patent, colink, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

Patents for HVAC Vacuum Pumps

Certificate ETL, colink, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

ETL Certificate

Certificate CE, colink, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

CE Certificates

Simple and Easy Ordering

We handle orders professionally

Step 1: Model Selection (1-3 Days)

We provide an Excel table with technical data and exact product dimensions so that you can easily select the models and calculate the quantity and volume at LCL or FCL base. Some data for reference: On average about 31 pieces of ac vacuum pumps can be loaded in one cubic meter space. One 20′ container has 25-28 CBM for loading.

model selection, colink, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

Step 2: Packing Confirmation (1-10 Days)

We confirm with you about the brand (Colink or your own), nameplate (our standard or your design), manual (standard English version or in a different language) and other packing materials.

packing confirmation, colink, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

Step 3: Down Payment (1-7 Days)

We start to arrange the production when the 30% down payment for the agreed proforma invoice is arrived.

down payment, colink, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

Step 4: Mass Production (30-45 Days)

Normally we need about 30 days to finish the production. However, the lead time may vary due to different quantity, peak season and some other factors.

mass production, colink, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china

Step 5: Shipping (5-15 Days)

We contact the shipping forwarder to arrange the shipment after the 70% balance is paid.

shipping, colink, hvac vacuum pump manufacturer from china


Frequent questions and answers

We’re a top 3 professional HVAC vacuum pump manufacturer in China. Meanwhile, we have cooperation with some factories who produce high quality industrial vacuum pumps. We’ll ship the pumps through our own company or a professional export company at best cost rate.

We accept small MOQ such as 10 pieces for some models to help our new partners to test the market with low cost in low risk. For industrial pumps, we don’t request MOQ with one condition: We need a minimum order amount of USD 3000 to cover fixed logistics and handling cost.

For our distributors, we provide 12 months limited warranty from the loading date issued on the Bills of Lading if it’s shipped by sea. For other deliveries the warranty starts from the date of shipment from the factory.

We’re glad to provide OEM service. However, we need more volume than MOQ to cover extra cost such as non-standard colors, customized nameplates, operating manuals, cartons, etc.

We understand it’s a reasonable request and you need to pay the samples and cover the freight cost. The amount of the samples can be deducted in the coming official orders. As a special support, we’re able to provide one free sample of small model or 10% off for high-value models.

We accept wire transfer (T/T) as our standard, 30% prepayment and 70% before shipment. Western union or paypal is unfortunately not accepted by our accounting department at the moment. L/C at sight can be an option but it depends on the country and opening bank.

We Share

Various knowledge about vacuum

How to choose a refrigerant vacuum pump?

The structure of a rotary vane vacuum pump

What are oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps?

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