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How to find the right vacuum pump for laboratory work?

There are several steps to decide how to choose a proper vacuum pump for laboratory work:

  • Evaluate the pump application to finalize the required vacuum and pumping speed. Generally speaking, the vacuum level of oil-sealed pump is much better.
  • Check the pump’s noise level. You don’t want a noisy pump to ruin the working environment.
  • Oil mist released by an oil-lubricated pump, even with oil mist filter, could be unpleasant for the laboratory environment. Dry pump has no such problem.
  • Size, weight and footprint need to be considered as well. For laboratory it’s not often to choose a heavy big-sized pump.
  • All costs, including the initial purchase, on-going energy cost and maintenance cost need to be taken into consideration.

Briefly, you may choose a traditional oil-lubricated vacuum pump because of its proven technology, high reliability and reasonable cost. You may also choose a dry pump due to low noise, zero contamination and low maintenance. Do you have an idea how to choose the right vacuum pump for laboratory work now?

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