What is a HVAC Vacuum Pump?


A HVAC vacuum pump is a pump used to discharge air and small quantity of vapour from a refrigeration system such as residential and automotive air conditioning. Besides its popular name of HVAC vacuum pump, there’re several other names. It is also called as refrigeration vacuum pump, refrigerant vacuum pumpair conditioning vacuum pump, auto ac vacuum pump, or simply just vacuum pump. 

Basic information about pump structure

The refrigerant vacuum pump is basically an oil-sealed rotary vane pump which has a robust structure and good stability. The pump body is made of Aluminum which ensures the rigidity. The air is pumped out by continuous movement of 3 rotary vanes of the rotor(s) in the vacuum chamber.

Where to use the vacuum pump

Throughout the servicing procedure in a refrigeration system and because of leaks, it is very common that other contaminants mix with oil and refrigerant, which are two basic components of a refrigeration system. The contaminants encompass gases like oxygen and nitrogen, as well as water vapour. 

It is essential to remove such contaminants from the system by using a refrigeration vacuum pump. The potential consequences include negative impact on efficiency of the refrigeration system and damage to other components of the system, etc.

The applications of the vacuum pump

As announced above, the main application of the refrigerant vacuum pump is refrigeration system of both residential and automotive air conditioning. Besides, the vacuum pump can be also used in small vacuum packaging machines, light duty vacuum coating, vacuum lifting, etc.

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