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What are the main types of leaks of a helium vacuum leak detector?

There’re 3 main types of leaks while you use a helium leak detector on a vacuum system that consists of high quality vacuum equipment, namely real leaks, virtual leaks and permeation.

1. Real leaks: The component under testing is compromised and there’s a small opening to allow in-coming of the gas. The response of the signal for a real leak is normally a sharp increase at the beginning of helium spraying, a constant signal during spraying and then a sharp decrease when the spraying is ended.

2. Virtual leaks: It’s very difficult to differentiate the virtual leaks from real leaks. The cause of the virtual leaks is that gas is trapped by a screw or some other component inside the vacuum chamber.

3. Permeation: This means helium diffuses or permeates through some part like O-ring. Usually there’s a signal response delay to achieve the peak height and thereafter, a slow declining will be observed once the helium spraying is finished.

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