Scenarios for vacuum impregnation

vacuum impregnation

Vacuum impregnation is commonly used in a manufacturing process to remove porosity in metal casting parts under vacuum pressure. Porosity in casting parts results in leakage frequently and the impregnation process is to fix this problem. Of course, it’s also used for many other applications. Below are some scenarios:

Coils vacuum impregnation

The technology of vacuum impregnation is commonly used for electrical motors, cables, capacities and transformers, etc. The key benefit is to significantly increase dielectric strength of those products by removing air and replacing it with epoxy. Meanwhile, the structure becomes more solid and stronger due to the properties of the epoxy.

motor coils vacuum impregnation

The components shall be placed in a chamber filled with sealant such as insulating oil, paraffin, lacquer or synthetic resin after vacuum drying. The sealant penetrates the internal structure of the components evenly pressurized dry air or inert gas to finish the impregnation.

Wood preservation

Vacuum is used to impregnate the wood to improve its strength and increase its resistance to water and chemicals.

In particular, the staining quality of wood is improved by vacuum impregnation, such as electric poles, fishing tackles, furniture, bats, walking sticks, etc. Resins, tar and brine are commonly used as working solutions.

See the process of wood treatment: Bochemit’s vacuum-pressure wood impregnation

Food preservation

Vacuum impregnation is also contributed to preserve the original properties of food like fruit, vegetables and fish. Osmotic solution is used to fill the porous under vacuum and pressure.

Disinfection and sterilization

For disinfection, insecticide and sterilization for tobacco, bandage material, glass bottles, cotton, textiles, leather, etc.

The materials are placed in a vacuum chamber and treated by introduced vapor, formalin, carbon disulphide or dichloroethylene etc. Compared with atmospheric disinfection, the time is saved up to 90% and the efficiency is greatly improved.

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