How to change the vacuum filter element correctly?

vacuum filter element

This is to introduce when and how to replace an used vacuum filter element.

The filter element is placed inside an oil mist filter or dust filter to separate impurities, so that the vacuum pump can work properly.

The filtering efficiency will be gradually reduced after a long use. To ensure the stable operation of the vacuum pump, it’s necessary to replace the filter or filter element on time.

I. When is the right time to replace the filter or filter element?

1. Check the operation manual to follow the requested replacement interval. It’s usually 2,000 hours or 3 months in case the working condition is not tough. This interval could be much shorter in harsh conditions and vise versa.

2. The pressure drop between the upper and lower side of the filter is greater than 0. 3 Mpa is detected, or the flow rate drops significantly. 

II. How to replace the element correctly?

The 7 replacement steps are as below:

1. Prepare the exhaust filter element(s). It’s recommended to replace with genuine one(s) if the performance is priority for you. As alternative, you may also choose generic filter element(s) with the same sizes but low less cost. The performance could be not as good as the genuine one in most cases.

2. Prepare necessary tools and stuff for personal protection, dismantling, collecting and cleaning.

3. Shut down the vacuum pump. Clean the filter housing and empty the area around the filter.

4. Remove the exhaust filter. Slowly open the exhaust port at the top of the filter till it’s depressurized. Taking care of splashing of material or liquid in this process.

5. Open the filter cover with a dismantling tool and remove the filter element. Clean the inside of the filter.

6. Remove the packing of the new filter element. Check if the O-ring is intact and in place. Install the new element with the right direction same as the used one. Wet the O-ring and the element holder socket with water. Insert the element end with O-ring vertically into the element holder socket.

vacuum filter element pic

7. Tighten the filter cover.

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