Pioneering Troubleshooting for Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps (3)

rotary vane vacuum pump problem

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✼ Oil Leakage

Vacuum pumps are indispensable in various industries, yet they are not immune to wear and aging. Prompt attention is vital when these critical components exhibit signs of malfunction. This extensive guide not only addresses common issues but also offers practical maintenance insights to ensure your vacuum pump operates at peak performance.

Oil leakage is a prevalent challenge faced by mechanical vacuum pumps. It most frequently manifests at the oil sight glass, oil tank gasket, and motor shaft seal. The primary cause is the natural aging of components. Contributing factors may include worn seals, damaged gaskets, or even errors in assembly.

To effectively resolve oil leakage, it is imperative to replace the oil sight glass, oil tank gasket, and/or shaft seal. Additionally, consider the replacement of worn seals or damaged gaskets for comprehensive maintenance. During assembly, pay special attention to ensuring screws are uniformly pressed and tightened to prevent the development of uneven forces, which can lead to oil leakage.

Engaging in regular maintenance practices is paramount in averting oil leakage and other potential complications. If you notice frothy or milky oil during your inspection, it is crucial to inspect the system for possible leaks. Post-maintenance, conduct a thorough flush of the pump chamber with pump oil before refilling. Additionally, clean the filter located at the oil filling port using an appropriate solvent to uphold a clean and well-functioning oil tank.

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