How to make air pumping with a HVAC vacuum pump?

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It’s well known that the installation quality for an air conditioner is somehow more important than the quality of the air conditioner itself. It’s essential to remove air from the air conditioner during installation and ensure the performance of the air conditioning.

However, not all installers will fully finish this process. It takes 15 – 20 minutes to discharge the air to ensure that the air in the system is completely evacuated, otherwise the performance of air conditioning and energy consumption will differ from the expectation.

In summer and winter, the peak seasons for air conditioning installation, some workers may not pump or pump the air only a few minutes to save time.

The steps of air pumping are as follows:

  1. Connect the manifold valve hose to the filling port of low pressure valve. Make sure both high and low pressure valves are tightly closed.
  2. Connect the hose connector to the HVAC vacuum pump.
  3. Fully open the manifold valve handle (Low Pressure) to start the vacuum pump.
  4. It takes about 15 minutes to discharge the air for 1 HP, 20 minutes for 2 HP and 30 minutes for 3 HP air conditioner. Make sure the pressure figure on the vacuum gauge is pointed to -1.0×105 Pa (-1900 PxHg). Tightly close the manifold valve handle (Low Pressure) and stop the vacuum pump when the vacuum pumping is finished.
  5. After checking the vacuum, release the air by opening liquid valve slightly to balance the system pressure. Remove the hose and then open the high and low pressure valves to prevent air entering.
  6. Tighten the caps of the high and low pressure valves as well as the caps of the filling ports.

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