What is a liquid ring vacuum pump?

liquid ring vacuum pump

This is to introduce a liquid ring vacuum pump's advantages, disadvantages and typical applications in brief.

Liquid ring vacuum pump is a roughing pump with an ultimate pressure range of 2000 – 4000 Pa. The pump requires a sealant to work, mostly water, so it is also called water ring vacuum pump. However, the sealant can be mineral oil or any other liquid besides water.

Similar as rotary vane vacuum pump, the liquid ring pump has an eccentrically-located impeller, which rotates and results centrifugal force to form a ring inside the housing.

The liquid vacuum pump has many advantages:

  • Simple structure and easy machining
  • Big flow rate with small size
  • Can be used to displace explosive gasses due to slight temperature change during gas compression process
  • Can be used to displace dusty, vapory and condensable gasses due to no exhaust valve and no friction contact
  • Easy and stable operation
  • Easy and low cost maintenance

With so many benefits that other vacuum pumps cannot achieve, the liquid ring pumps find various applications in industries although they have 2 main limitations below:

  • Low efficiency with average level of 30%
  • Low ultimate pressure level due to structure and liquid use.

Typical applications for a liquid ring vacuum pump:

  • Petroleum industry: Vapour recovery, vacuum cleaning of barrels, etc.
  • Chemical industry: Vacuum filtration, distillation, etc.
  • Machinery industry
  • Mining industry
  • Pharmaceuticals industry
  • Food industry

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