What is a vacuum exhaust filter?

Remarkbl Exhaust Filter

An oil-sealed rotary vane pump produces a fine oil mist during operation. The oil mist filter (OMF), or exhaust filter, eliminates visible oil mist and smoke from the vacuum pump exhaust and expels clean air to the environment. It helps also increase working efficiency due to low flow resistance.

Why do you need an exhaust filter?

The purpose of the exhaust filter is to keep all or most of the oil particles from getting out of the vacuum pump to protect the environment.

In a typical operation, an oil-lubricated vacuum pump creates a small oil mist which stays suspended in the air at operating pressure greater than 133 Pa or 1.33 mbar. An oil mist filter is usually employed in an oil vacuum pump, which catches and removes the small particles of oil before the air is expelled through the exhaust of the vacuum pump.

Different types of the exhaust filter

An ordinary OMF can be easily installed with vacuum pump’s exhaust port with a clamp.

The updated oil mist filter with a special side port is able to capture oil mist and allows filtered oil return to the pump. Pros and cons: The recovery of vacuum oil saves a lot of cost if the oil is expensive. Meanwhile, the achieved ultimate pressure is not as good as that with ordinary filter.

Filter's material

The popular material of the filter housing is cast iron or plastic. The common sizes of oil mist filter are KF16, KF25 and KF40.

Inside the filter there’s a replaceable filter element (cartridge) made of microfiber glass. High quality filtration material secures the oil particles when they come through the oil mist filter. A big sized filter allows a larger cartridge to increase filtering space and efficiency.

Replacement interval

A regular replacement of exhaust filter guards the vacuum pumps from oil accumulation, physical damage and more.

It’s recommended to replace the oil mist filter every 6 months or 2000 working hours.

Remarkbl exhaust filter is composed of high quality large stainless steel housing, an imported 50CS grade fiberglass filter element and a recycling hose. It helps the vacuum pump operate eco-friendly.

TMS021 exhaust filter

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