Why do you need a DC vacuum pump?

DC vacuum pump

Introduction of the key advantages of a brushless DC vacuum pump

More and more brushless DC vacuum pumps are found in the market. So what are the advantages of those DC pumps which convince the customers to choose a DC vacuum pump despite of higher cost? Below are some highlights for a DC pump:

25%+ lighter weight

Due to the mature cast iron components in the vacuum pump head, it’s almost impossible to reduce any weight in this part. However, the brushless DC (BLDC) motor enables the possibility to reduce the weight of the entire pump significantly. Eight kilogram is a big difference for a pump with an initial weight of 30 KG. It’s obviously much easier for the maintenance workers to carry and operate.

No-sparking design

The traditional AC vacuum pumps have two versions: One version is with a traditional switch which may cause sparking and it’s dangerous for flammable gases and the other one is with an electronic starter to avoid sparking. The operation of the brushless DC motor is controlled by the controller, which is different as any type of AC motor. Therefore, the DC vacuum pump can be used for any gas, including R32.

High efficiency

The motor efficiency of an AC motor is between 45 – 55% while that of a DC brushless motor is between 65 – 75%. Energy-saving is a magnificent advantage considering the current high electricity tariffs worldwide.

Low noise

The smaller BLDC motor brings much smaller noise. The average noise level of a DC pump is 60dB, which is about 10dB less than that of an AC pump.

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