Innovative Vacuum Pump Solutions for Modern Brick Making

vacuum pumps for brick making

This article is to introduce the vacuum pumps for brick making.

The Intricate Process of Brick Formation

The bricks that form the backbone of construction are meticulously crafted from fired clay. This intricate process involves several key steps, from the initial preparation of raw materials to the final shaping.

After the raw materials are carefully crushed and ground, they undergo a transformation in the brick shaping process. This phase typically involves extrusion, molding, or pressing, with extrusion being the most widely employed method.

The Pug Mill's Vital Role

Within the pug mill, the pulverized materials, combined with water (ranging from 10 to 15%), begin their journey toward becoming bricks. The resulting clay mass contains a notable amount of air (7-10%), which can diminish its plasticity. This blend is then fed into the extruder, usually comprised of two chambers.

In the extrusion process, the first chamber serves a critical function. It operates under a vacuum of 500 – 960 mbar, supported by a vacuum pump. This chamber efficiently expels air holes and bubbles, significantly bolstering the clay’s strength and resilience against defects such as cracking.

Choosing the Right Vacuum Pumps for Brick Making

Selecting the appropriate vacuum pumps is pivotal in ensuring the quality and integrity of the bricks produced. Traditionally, a liquid ring vacuum pump is favored for its resilience in vapory and dusty environments. However, some concerns have arisen regarding its efficiency and ultimate pressure capabilities.

A Cost-Effective Alternative for Long-Term Efficiency

Introducing an innovative solution that not only addresses these concerns but also offers substantial long-term cost savings. By replacing the liquid ring pump with an oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump, businesses can potentially reduce costs by up to 50% in the long run. This investment not only streamlines operations but also enhances the overall sustainability of the brick manufacturing process.

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