Troubleshooting in a rotary vane vacuum pump (2)

2. The vacuum pump cannot achieve the ultimate pressure.

Firstly, check the air tightness of the vacuum system. Usually a slight air leak is the root cause. Secondly, open the gas ballast and keep the pump running for about 30 minutes to ensure all condensable vapor inside the pump chamber is pumped out.

Other possibilities and related solutions besides above two factors:

  • The pump oil is contaminated. It is required to change the oil.
  • The oil filter inside the pump is blocked, which causes insufficient oil supply and then results in tightness problem. A cleaning of the oil filter is required.
  • The deformation, wear or damage of the oil distribution valve can also lead to insufficient oil supply. Check and replace the valve in this case.
  • Worn rotary vanes or insufficient tension of the vane springs after long time use may result in loose isolation between suction and exhaust chambers and consequently the pumping performance is dropped. Replace rotary vanes and springs and clean rotor and pump chamber to fix the problem.
  • The exhaust valve is out of order. It needs to be replaced if necessary in case a poor exhaust is found.

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