NH 600 Portable Helium Leak Detector

NH 600, Top-tier Portable Helium Leak Detector

Smallest Detectable Leak Rate: 3×10-13 Pa · m3/s

Equipped with Pfeiffer/Leybold/Inficon


NH 600 leak detector is a fully automatic portable helium mass spectrometer with a compact form factor, making it ideal for precision, rapid, and portable applications in the vacuum industry and research institutions.


  • A metal button allows for one-key fully automatic vacuuming.

  • The handheld remote control unit enables remote detection up to a range of 150 meters.

  • Utilize WiFi connection for convenient remote control through a mobile app.

  • Automatic zeroing and automatic range switching.

  • The leak detector software can be customized to meet individual customer specifications.

Technical Data:

Smallest Detectable Leak Rate (Vacuum)

3×10^-13 Pa · m3/s

Leak Rate Display Range (Vacuum)

1×10-1 ~ 1×10^-13 Pa · m3/s

Smallest Detectable Leak Rate (Sniffer Gun)

5×10^-9 Pa · m3/s

Leak Rate Display Range (Sniffer Gun)

1×10-1 ~ 1×10^-9 Pa · m3/s

Detectable Gases

He4, He3, H2

Startup Time

≤100 s

Response Time

≤0.3 s

Leak Pressure

≤2000 Pa

Power Supply

1000 W, 100-120V/60Hz/200-240V/50Hz

Work Environment

Temperature: 5-40°C, Humidity: ≤80%


620x370x480 mm


55 kg

Display Units

Pa · m3/s, mbar · l/s, atm · cc/s, Torr · l/s, ppm


Molecular Pump

Pfeiffer/Leybold (Germany)

Oil-Sealed Mechanical Pump

Ulvac (Japan)

Solenoid Valve

Burkert (Germany)

Vacuum Gauge


Display Screen 7“





Remote Controller (150 m)

Sniffer Gun

Large Leak Detection


Large Leak Protection


Molecular Pump Temperature Alarm

Mechanical Pump Temperature Alarm

External Leak


Internal Leak

Data Saving




I/O Interfaces

RS232, RS485, USB

⦿ Standard  ⦾ Optional

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