NH 800 Dry Helium Leak Detector

NH 800, Top-tier Dry Helium Leak Detector

Smallest Detectable Leak Rate: 3×10-13 Pa · m3/s

Equipped with Pfeiffer/Ulvac/Inficon


NH 800 dry helium leak detector is a silent, and eco-friendly helium mass spectrometer leak detector without any oil mist pollution.


  • The system is equipped with a large leak detection function featuring presettable pressure values. If the desired pressure is not attained during evacuation, the leak detector promptly triggers an alarm.

  • Users have the option to select from various measurement units, and the detection data is continuously updated in real-time. This enables seamless export directly into an Excel spreadsheet.

  • The machine boasts a rotatable 7-inch color touchscreen, affording operators the flexibility to adjust its orientation to their preference.

  • Large leak protection mode is in place, providing thorough safeguarding for the ion source against oxidation and preventing potential shocks to the molecular pump when exposed to atmospheric conditions.

Technical Data:

Smallest Detectable Leak Rate (Vacuum)

3×10^-13 Pa · m3/s

Leak Rate Display Range (Vacuum)

1×10-1 ~ 1×10^-13 Pa · m3/s

Smallest Detectable Leak Rate (Sniffer Gun)

5×10^-9 Pa · m3/s

Leak Rate Display Range (Sniffer Gun)

1×10-1 ~ 1×10^-9 Pa · m3/s

Detectable Gases

He4, He3, H2

Startup Time

≤100 s

Response Time

≤0.3 s

Leak Pressure

≤2000 Pa

Power Supply

1000 W, 100-120V/60Hz/200-240V/50Hz

Work Environment

Temperature: 5-40°C, Humidity: ≤80%


620x370x1027 mm


110 kg

Display Units

Pa · m3/s, mbar · l/s, atm · cc/s, Torr · l/s, ppm


Molecular Pump

Pfeiffer/Leybold (Germany)

Dry Mechanical Pump

Edwards/Anest Iwata

Solenoid Valve

Burkert (Germany)

Vacuum Gauge


Display Screen 7“





Remote Controller (150 m)

Sniffer Gun

Large Leak Detection


Large Leak Protection


Molecular Pump Temperature Alarm

Mechanical Pump Temperature Alarm

External Leak


Internal Leak

Data Saving




I/O Interfaces

RS232, RS485, USB

⦿ Standard  ⦾ Optional

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