NL 200 Module Leak Detector

Compact Module Leak Detector

Smallest Detectable Leak Rate: 3×10-13 Pa · m3/s

Equipped with Pfeiffer/Inficon


NL 200 Module Leak Detector is a versatile, modular combination leak detection device. It can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of vacuum systems and offers multiple gas path configurations to accommodate diverse testing needs.


  • Swift startup and rapid leak

  • Robust helium purging capability, and no emission of pollutants

  • Equipped with a dual iridium filament ion source, offering exceptional oxidation resistance and an extended operational lifespan.

  • The compact design allows seamless integration into customized leak detection systems.

Technical Data:

Smallest Detectable Leak Rate (Vacuum)

3×10^-13 Pa · m3/s

Max. Intake Pressure

2000 Pa

Startup Time

≤100 s

Response Time

≤0.5 s

Detectable Gases

He4, He3, H2


RS232, RS485, USB


Internal: Automatic; External: Manual

Vacuum Connections


Power Supply

DC 24W, 240 W

Max. Allowable Magnetic Field

8 mT

Max. Current

10 A


430x270x245 mm


15 kg

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