How to choose a refrigerant vacuum pump?

cordless hvac vacuum pump

Before making your decision, consider the following factors if you are going to know how to choose a refrigerant vacuum pump:

⇢ Vacuum level (in Micron)

The first important consideration is to decide what vacuum level of the pump you need. Rough vacuum (like 150 Microns) is enough? Or deep vacuum (such as 15 Microns) is necessary?

One-stage pump generates rough vacuum and two-stage pump creates much deeper vacuum. The cost of a two-stage pump is of course, much higher than one-stage pump.

⇢ Speed (CFM Rating, Cubic Feet Per Minute)

Speed is another important point. CFM Rating is to measure how much air the vacuum pump can draw from the system per minute. Therefore, the faster the speed, the sooner the evacuation process can be finished.

For residential use, the recommended range is 2-6 CFM. Commercial applications require typically a CFM of 8-12.

⇢ Easy-use

More and more cordless Li-ion battery powered vacuum pumps are available on the market in recent years. These pumps are convenient to use in the car for A/C charging or somewhere where there’s no power supply available.

These pumps feature light weight, high performance, easy use but with an obvious disadvantage of high price.

⇢ Weight (Easy to Carry)

This is easily to be ignored in the beginning but you will feel it’s so important while you use the pump.

Generally speaking, a pump with weight less than 10 kg is a good choice for residential purposes. You have to double check if you really need a heavier one to evacuate faster and deeper vacuum.

⇢ Cost

The well known international brands are mostly produced in China. In spite of that, they’re very expensive. Meanwhile, the most economic models on Amazon also come from China.

Check your budget, find out what are really important for you (performance, weight, easy-use, warranty, brand, etc.) , then you know how to choose a refrigerant vacuum pump for you.

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