The vacuum pump doesn’t start. What’s the root cause?

vacuum pump doesn’t start

Check the possible root causes and solutions when your vacuum pump doesn't start.

No matter how high-quality your vacuum pump is, it may fail to start properly after a long use without correct and timely maintenance. If your vacuum pump doesn’t start properly, there are several possible reasons and solutions that you can consider.

The possible root causes:

1. The voltage is incorrect, or the motor is overloaded.

2. The overload protector for motor starter is too small, or the set value is too low.

3. The fuse is blown.

4. The capacitor is damaged if the vacuum pump has AC motor.

5. The vacuum oil results in pump blockage if the oil returns into the vacuum chamber after pump stops, or the oil temperature is too low, or the oil deteriorated (emulsified or carbonized). A friction between vanes and rotor will occur and eventually cause jams inside the vacuum chamber.

vacuum pump doesn't start vane block

6. The vacuum pump or motor is blocked due to other reasons.

7. The vacuum pump is worn after a long time use.

8. The suction hose is blocked.

The corresponding solutions:

1. Make sure the voltage for the motor is correct.

2. Make sure the setting values match the data on the motor nameplate. If the ambient temperature is high, increase the setting value of current by 5%.

3. Check and replace the fuse.

4. Repair or replace the motor.

5. Replace vacuum oil. Replace vanes if necessary.

6. Check the pump and motor. The repair must be operated by a professional technician.

7. Replace the wear parts. Clean impurities if necessary.

8. Remove the suction hose and run the pump. Touch the air inlet and outlet to check if there’s any air flow. If yes, it’s not a problem of the hose. Otherwise, replace or clean the suction hose.

If you’re not familiar with your vacuum pump, it’s recommended to contact the manufacturer, or have a professional technician repair and maintain the pump. Hopefully you have now a rough idea how to handle the pump if the vacuum pump doesn’t start.

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