Application of vacuum in food packaging and freeze drying industry

vacuum freeze drying

This article is a simple introduction of the vacuum pump application in food packaging and vacuum freeze drying industry.


The use of vacuum for food preservation is developing fast In the last two decades. The oxygen inside the vacuum packaging is removed so that food is not easy to spoil. And the plastic packaging can be free from insect hazards and mold growth, the storage time becomes therefore much longer. Meanwhile, the packaging equipment is simple and easy to use and the low cost plastic packaging material is a plus. The vacuum packaging can be used for a wide range of food products, such as squash, kelp, sausage, soybean products, milk powder, etc..

A rough vacuum is enough for this application and the vacuum packaging machine is usually equipped with a single stage rotary vane vacuum pump.


Vacuum Freezing Drying

Vacuum freeze-drying technology was developed in the early 20th century. Since then, more and more applications are found. This new technology has many advantages compared with the traditional natural sun drying, hot air drying, infrared drying and high frequency drying.

In the process of freeze-drying, the materials are firstly frozen, and then air around is displaced by a vacuum pump to remove the frozen liquid directly. Therefore, the freeze-dried products can remain the original shape in porous state. It’s easily to be restored by adding water. All physical, chemical and biological properties can be completely unchanged because the materials dried under vacuum atmosphere are not affected by oxidation. Some new applications in recent years:

vacuum freeze drying

Application Scope


Organism Preservation

Blood plasma, Bacteria, Arteries, Bones, Skins, Cornea, Nerve Tissue

Precious or Heat-sensitive Drug Production

Enzymes, Vaccines, Hormones, Various Antibiotics

Food preparation and Preservation

Coffee, Seafood, Fruits, Spices

Micro Powder Drying

Amino Acid, Metal Powder, Mineral Powder

This application requires high vacuum and high vapor tolerance. A dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump can be found inside the freeze dryer.

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