Introduction of vacuum degassing chamber kit

vacuum degassing chamber kit

This article is to introduce the degassing process, vacuum degassing chamber types for residential use as well as root causes for crack problem of acrylic vacuum chamber.

Applications for Vacuum Degassing

Vacuum degassing is a technique for removing dissolved gas from a liquid to improve the product quality. It is applied to many industries like LED lamps, epoxy resins, plastic extrusion, silicone rubbers, glues, wood stabilization for knife handles and pens, etc.

Vacuum Degassing Process

The procedure needs a vacuum pump to lower the pressure in a container known as vacuum chamber. The reduced pressure down to 50 mbar (absolute) leads to a rapid increase in the volume of the bubbles inside the liquid solution. The buoyancy causes rapid floating of the bubbles to the liquid surface and burst. The process accelerates when the ultimate vacuum achieves 20 mbar. After the gas, vapors and moisture are extracted from the liquid solution, the pressure is returned to normal and the degassing process is finished.

Here’s a video to show how the chamber kit works: CLICK

Vacuum Chamber Types

The vacuum degassing chamber kit is very popular for residential and industrial use. The vacuum chamber for residential use can be:

1) Stainless steel chamber with tempered glass lid

2) Stainless steel chamber with acrylic lid

3) Full acrylic vacuum chamber

The pump used together with the chamber is usually a HVAC vacuum pump.

Crack Problem of Acrylic Chamber

During operation of the vacuum chamber kit, a crack problem for acrylic lid and acrylic chamber may occur due to overpressure caused by a wrongly selected vacuum pump model, or chemical reaction caused by volitile compounds. A typical wrong application is wood stabilization. To solve this problem, do not use full acrylic chamber and replace the acrylic lid with a tempered glass one.

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