What are the functions of vacuum oil?

vacuum oil

This is to introduce the key functions of vacuum oil, which is essential for oil-sealed vacuum pumps, including rotary vane, rotary piston and rotary screw vacuum pumps.

As standard, the mineral oil is used as vacuum oil in the vacuum pumps for a long time. In recent years, more and more synthetic oil is introduced to improve the performance of vacuum pumps. People may not know all functions of vacuum oil besides lubricating. Following are the key functions:

1. Lubricating the vacuum pump

Lubrication is the basic function of the vacuum oil. The lubricating oil forms oil films between the pump cover, rotor, rotary vanes and pump body, avoiding direct contact with each other and reducing friction. This ability prevents inner wear and increases the service life of the vacuum pumps.

2. Sealing the vacuum pump

The oil film created by the vacuum oil plays an important sealing role for the vacuum pump. It improves the pump efficiency to achieve higher ultimate pressure.

3. Cooling

The vacuum oil absorbs a large amount of compression heat and reduces the power of the vacuum pump during operation.

4. Cleaning

The oil flow brings the sludge, metal wear particles and other dirty things attached to the vacuum pump components back to the oil sump, so that the internal parts of the vacuum pump are cleaned.

5. Anti-rust

The vacuum oil forms a film on the surface of the pump components.  It prevents water and air contact with the parts and therefore the components don’t become rusty.

In addition, the vacuum oil reduces also the noise generated by high frequency compression of the vacuum pump.

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