10 Advantages of Central Vacuum System for Packaging Application

central vacuum system

This article is to introduce 10 advantages of central vacuum system with oil screw pumps for packaging industry.

Vacuum often plays a key role in the packaging industry. Vacuum technology enables efficient and accurate processes such as packaging forming, thermoforming and coating. It is very considerable to use a central vacuum system for multiple vacuum packaging machines. A vacuum system made of oil-sealed screw pumps saves significant operational costs and brings additional advantages in the meantime.

1. On-demand drive & smart operation

It’s usual that not all packaging machines require high vacuum performance at the same time. But the vacuum pumps in the packaging machines work always at full load. It means waste of unnecessary power cost. The central vacuum system however, is able to control the vacuum supply according to actual requirements. It generates specific vacuum required at a specific point in time thanks to adjustable vacuum modules and variable speed drives. As a matter of fact, such operation saves energy greatly.

2. Ensured longer operating cycles

The central system is equipped with a backup module, which will automatically start up to replace the failed vacuum pump. Therefore, a longer cycle of operation is ensured. In spite of the extra module, a central vacuum system needs less vacuum pumps, which saves energy as well.

3. Easy maintenance

Maintenance can be carried out on any individual vacuum module while the central vacuum system is running. The central vacuum system is always available for the vacuum packaging operation. Moreover, the technicians can finish the maintenance work even without entering the production or packaging area.

4. Proper load distribution

The control system of the central vacuum system ensures to meet the demand of the required vacuum. Meanwhile, each vacuum module operates with the same operating hours. In this way, the system distributes the work to the vacuum pumps more properly and evenly. Such control enables the possibility to plan and execute maintenance in a preventive and efficient manner.

5. Longer lifespan

The non-centrally installed vacuum pumps are always in operation at full load when the packaging machines start to work. Differently, the central vacuum system is demand-driven and the vacuum pumps work for shorter time. Therefore, the lifespan of the pumps is longer.

6. Cleaner production environment

The production area is completely protected from contamination because the pump maintenance is carried out outside the production and packaging area. In addition, these vacuum pumps require no cleaning and are not contaminated by stuff such as food residues as is the case with vacuum pumps installed in production areas.

7. Cooler room temperature

Like other machinery and equipment, vacuum pumps generate heat. On the one hand, the sucked air is displaced from the vacuum pump at a very high temperature. On the other hand, the vacuum pump itself dissipates heat. This heat is discharged into the workshop, if the vacuum pumps are installed in the production and packaging area where requires air conditioning. The problem is solved by using a central vacuum system in a separate pump room. The saving on electricity cost for air conditioning can be expected as well.

8. Lower noise level

The oil screw pumps are mounted in a metal box to reduce the noise. Moreover, the central vacuum system is usually located in a separate room where is completely isolated from the production and packaging area. It means that staff are hardly affected by the pump noise.

9. Heat recovery

A water-oil heat exchanger can reuse 50% – 70% of the energy consumed by the motor. Such heat recovery also contributes to additional cost savings.

10. Convenient expansion

Thanks to the modular design of the central vacuum system, additional modules can be easily added when it’s required to expand the packaging capacity (e.g. by installing a new production line).

Compared with traditional vacuum solution, a central vacuum system may save up to 70% of energy cost and provide many more advantages.

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