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History of Oil Screw Vacuum Pump

The first oil screw vacuum pump in the world was probably manufactured by Quincy Compressor in 1980. In 2004, the company expanded the business and built a new factory in Kunshan, China.

In 2010, the company was acquired by the Atlas Copco Group. All compressor and vacuum pump technologies of Quincy were shared with Atlas Copco since then. With this new rotary screw vacuum pump, Atlas Copco dominates the market more than one decade.

In 2019, the founder of Everblue, the most experienced chief engineer of Quincy and Atlas Copco thereafter, decided to start his own career, together with a mature R&D team. Thanks to the highly reliable technology, Everblue is developing fast and successfully today in the enormous Chinese market.


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General Applications

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Food Packaging screw vacuum pump

Food Packaging

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Paper Printing

Woodworking oil screw vacuum pump


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Clay & Brick Making


Hot Products


Technical Data:

  • Max. flow rate: 426 m³/h
  • Motor power: 5.5 kW
  • Cooling type: Air cooling
  • Noise level: 55 – 70 dB
  • Weight: 700 kg
oil screw vacuum pump Everblue-EVS-1300


Technical Data:

  • Max. flow rate: 1285 m3/h
  • Motor power: 22 kW
  • Cooling type: Air cooling/Water cooling
  • Noise level: 55 – 76 dB
  • Weight: 1050 kg


Why Oil Screw Vacuum Pump

Features & Benefits

  • High integration with small footprint
  • Automatic smart operation due to PLC and variable speed drive inverter
  • Superior performance
  • High energy efficiency with IE4 PM motor
  • Clean and low noise operation down to 55 dB
  • Sustainable productivity thanks to stable vacuum capability
  • Operation status can be remotely monitored by PC, Pad or Smartphone
  • Easy, low cost and infrequent maintenance


Oil-lubricated rotary screw vacuum pump is more and more used to replace rotary vane vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump or rotary piston vacuum pump because of many obvious advantages. 

Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump

  • IE2 motor, up to efficiency of 83%
  • High power consumption without inverter
  • High noise above 70 dB
  • High oil evaporation during operation
  • Frequent oil replacement required
  • Many pumps needed to build a system
  • Non-stable pressure from time to time

Screw Vacuum Pump

  • IE4 PM motor, up to efficiency of 97%
  • Power consumption saving up to 50%
  • Quiet operation down to 55 dB
  • Environmental-friendly super low emission
  • Convenient long period oil change
  • One integrated system with small footprint
  • Stable vacuum for productivity

The efficiency, noise or vibration of liquid ring pump and rotary piston pump is even worse than rotary vane pump. 


Structure Breakdown


Screw Vacuum Pump

  • Twin-screw design with high reliability, high efficiency and low noise
  • Absolute no leak due to non-shaft design at inlet
  • Maximum ultimate pressure of 0.3 mbar

PM Electric Motor

  • IE4 motor with super premium efficiency up to 97%
  • IP55 enclosure, protection from dirt, dust and water
  • Integrated PTC thermal protector inside motor winding

Inlet Filter

  • Pre-filter design with 99% filtering efficiency @5 Micro
  • Easy replacement of filter elements
  • Polyester material available for vapory application

Cooling System

  • High efficient with low noise
  • Specially designed cooler controls pressure drop with sufficient load redundancy
  • Thermostatic valve and sensor ensure proper working temperature

Inlet Control Valve

  • Super low pressure differential improves pump efficiency
  • The pump can operate at 500 mbar(a).
  • External actuator or additional compressed air not required

Oil Separator

  • Ultra-low oil exhaust, less than 3 ppm
  • Small exhaust back pressure and power consumption due to super low separation pressure drop
  • Optimized filter elements

Noise Reducer

  • Soundproof fan in the box
  • Thicker steel plate and sound absorbing foam efficiently isolate the noise
  • Noise level is down to 55 dB(a).

PLC and Inverter

  • Smart operation due to PLC, vector power inverter and PM motor
  • High efficient and durable INOVANCE inverter inside
  • 6″ color touch screen


Some Basic Knowledge

> Oil screw vacuum pumps are designed for rough vacuum applications.

Although the oil-lubricated screw pump is very good, it’s not proper for all applications. It’s designed for rough vacuum industrial applications.

The vacuum ranging between atmospheric pressure and 100 Pa (1 mbar) is known as rough vacuum.

For medium and high vacuum applications, a vacuum pump (such as a dual stage rotary vane pump) is connected with a sealed vacuum chamber. It’s used to maintain the pressure in the chamber. In such a closed system, a pump model can be easily selected based on the nominated ultimate pressure of the pump.

For industrial applications, the screw pump has to maintain the required pressure while the pump is in operation to displace continuous incoming air. Therefore, the real achieved vacuum is 10 – 100 times lower than the nominated pressure level. For example, the ultimate pressure of EVS screw pumps is 0.3 mbar, so the desired vacuum in operation shall be preferably between 3 mbar and 30 mbar.

➔ Oil screw vacuum pumps are ideal for medium and large flow rate requirement.

The oil-sealed vacuum pumps are mostly used as a central vacuum system.

The flow rate of the smallest EVS model is 426 m3/h, or 118 L/s. Therefore, it’s the best alternative to replace an existing medium or large-sized system composed of several rotary piston pumps, liquid ring pumps or rotary vane pumps. 

The problems caused by disadvantages of those pumps, such as high noise, big vibration, low efficiency and instability can be solved by screw pumps immediately.

In late cases, we’ve replace 3 rotary piston pumps with one EVS 950 and 5 water ring pumps with two EVS 1800. Besides energy saving and others, it features also space saving for small factories.

> The key benefit of oil screw vacuum pumps is energy saving.

Many kinds of pumps are announced as energy saving. The fact is that none of them use IE4 super premium efficiency motor. Some manufacturers don’t even use IE2 motor for the pumps. 

EVS screw pumps use inverter-driven (or variable speed drive) IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motor in the system. It remains high efficiency in all working conditions by automatic control of vacuum level and performance.

About 90% of the electrical power consumed by the vacuum pump is converted into heat. With use of such motor, the energy cost can be saved up to 50%, compared with alternative mechanical vacuum pumps with fixed speed.

➔ We have one standard version for industrial applications.

Our competitor has several versions such as standard, humid and turbo. 

Indeed different working conditions have impact on the pump operation. It can be solved by adjusting parameters and using different oil. For example, in vapory applications like brick making, it’s necessary to use full synthetic oil instead of standard mineral oil. The cost has only slight change.

In brief, we provide only one standard version and we’ll make some adjustments to meet the application without charging you extra cost.



Why Choose Us

logo-01 everblue vacuum

All products are self-designed, patented and assembled according to the highest standards to ensure the quality.

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Leading performance thanks to state-of-the-art-design

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Cost-effective price is guaranteed due to well controlled cost in design, process, material and manufacturing.

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Widest range of totally 12 models with flow rate from 426 to 5136 m3/h for selection

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OEM service is proudly provided.


What Our Clients Say

Model EVS 450 | The pump is in running in the facility now and it’s more than our expectation. The performance is much higher than our pumps in use. No leak at all.
Model EVS 550 | We buy this 7.5 kW pump to replace 11 pieces of 1.5 kW rotary vane pumps for chips packaging. Super low noise, only 30% load. I’m really very satisfied.
Michael JIN
Production Management
Model EVS 950 | We used 3 rotary piston pumps for vacuum forming before. This EVS 950 is amazing. It’s smart, stable and saving power consumption more than 50% for us.


Projects and Factory Tour

  • Cases & Projects
case-01-chip oil screw vacuum pump

Industry: Chip Packaging

case-02-pad oil screw vacuum pump

Industry: Display Pad Assembly

case-03-semiconductor oil screw vacuum pump

Industry: Semiconductor

case-04-material oi screw vacuum pump

Industry: Composite Materials

case-05-CNC oil screw vacuum pump

Industry: CNC Machines

case-06-woodworking oil screw vacuum pump

Industry: Woodworking

case-07-printing oil screw vacuum pump

Industry: Paper Printing

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Assembly Workshop

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Ordering from Us

Model Selection / STEP 1

Select the proper model(s) and quantity for your project. Free proposals from Everblue are provided.


Down Payment / STEP 2

The production will be arranged after 30% deposit is received according to the agreed proforma invoice.


Shipping / STEP 3

The shipment will be arranged after the production is finished in about 3 weeks and the 70% balance is paid.


Installation & Commissioning / STEP 4

Our engineer will guide you how to finish the onsite installation and commissioning in case of any technical problems.



For the distributors we provide a warranty of 12 months for the complete system and 24 months for the rotary screw vacuum pump from the loading date issued on the Bills of Lading if it’s shipped by sea.

For other kind of shipment, the warranty starts from the delivery date from the factory.

Our standard lead time is 4 – 6 weeks. If all components are available in stock, it can be shortened to 2 weeks.

We’re open to provide OEM service at the moment, in condition that the name of Everblue is mentioned as the provider on the machine. 

We’re the most experienced and the best rotary screw vacuum pump manufacturer in China. We’ll ship the pumps through our own company or a professional export company at best cost rate.

We accept wire transfer (T/T) as standard, 30% prepayment and the balance before shipment. A 100% prepayment is preferable if the lead time is less than 3 weeks.

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