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Full Acrylic Vacuum Chambers

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Simple Design, Easy Use

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Simple Design, Easy Use

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Premium Design with Handle and Clamps

Quality Vacuum Chambers

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vacuum chamber specification


7 Liters (2 Gallon)

Outer Size

220*160*210 mm

Inner Volume

4.5 Liters


8 kg


27 Liters (7 Gallons)

Outer Size

300*300*300 mm

Inner Volume

20 Liters


12 kg


27 Liters (7 Gallons)

Outer Size

300*300*300 mm

Inner Volume

20 Liters


25 kg

Explore Functionality

Main Features

Crystal Clear Construction

18 mm thick acrylic ensures distortion-free visibility.

Effortless Connection

Easily connect to the vacuum pump for streamlined operation.

Chemical-Resistant Seal

Silicone gasket guarantees airtightness and long time vacuum keeping after turning off the inlet valve.

High-Temperature Resilience

Withstands up to 212ºF (100ºC) for reliable performance.


Acrylic Vacuum Chambers are not suitable for wood stabilization and experiments involving volatile compounds.

Vacuum Chamber Applications

Where Are The Chambers Used

SiliconeDegassing vacuum chamber glass lid


Silicones, Epoxies and Resins

SensativeStorage vacuum chamber acrylic lid

Vacuum Storage

Sensitive Products Storage

Laboratory vacuum chamber glass lid


Prototyping and Small-scale Experiments

Material Testing

Material Testing

Creating Vacuum Conditions for Material Testing

educational kits

Educational Kits

Students learn about vacuum technology and conduct hands-on experiments.



Creating Unique and Air-Bubble-Free Crafts and Artworks

Durable Clear Acrylic Vacuum Chamber

Full 360 Degree View

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Premium Quality

Each vacuum chamber is meticulously tested before shipment.

Tailored Products

Tailor-made vacuum chambers to fit your desired sizes.

Cost-Effective Excellence

Enjoy superior quality without high price tag, thanks to our efficient production.

OEM Service

Private labeling solutions are proudly provided.

Quick Order Steps

Ordering from Us

Step 1 | Choosing Your Model

Pick the right model(s) and quantity for your project. Everblue offers complimentary proposals to guide your selection.

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Step 2 | Initiating Production

Kickstart the manufacturing process with a 30% deposit based on the agreed-upon proforma invoice.

Step-2 downpayment oil screw vacuum pump

Step 3 | Arranging Shipment

Expect your shipment to be dispatched once production wraps up in about 3 weeks and the remaining 70% balance is settled.

Step-3 everblue oil-sealed screw vacuum pump

Step 4 | Guided Setup and Activation

Assemble components onto the vacuum chamber following the manual, and establish a connection between the vacuum pump and the chamber for seamless operation.


Frequent Questions & Answers


For distributors, we offer a 12-month warranty for our product, starting from the sea shipment’s Bills of Lading date.

For other shipping methods, the warranty begins from the day we dispatch it from the factory.

Typically, we take about 4 to 6 weeks. But if we have everything ready in stock, we might get it to you in just 2 weeks!

We are delighted to offer OEM services, ensuring tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements. However, custom service adds a bit to the cost. To balance, we kindly request a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 300 pieces.

We prefer wire transfers (T/T) – 30% upfront and the balance before we ship your order. If we’re racing against time and the lead time is under 3 weeks, we’d appreciate full payment upfront. It just helps speed things up!

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